Shortly after suffering a miscarriage and D&C procedure in April of 2013, I knew I wanted to use my pain and experience to help others. That summer, I felt called to start a ministry to help those who walk the same journey of pregnancy loss - whether it be miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant death. With the help of a precious friend and the support of my church, that dream quickly became a reality.


Hannah's Hope is inspired by Hannah's longing and prayers for a child in 1 Samuel. The name Hannah's Hope reminds us of the hope we have through Christ even after the loss of a baby. Many times a neonatal loss is something that is suffered privately. We recognize that even in our secret hurts, there is power in allowing others to walk alongside us as encouragers and fellow sojourners. By placing Hope Boxes in the hands of grieving families, Hannah's Hope affirms that the life of each baby is worthy of remembrance and encourages families to work through their grief in a healthy way. 


After losing two more pregnancies to miscarriage, I understand the complex emotions that accompany such a grief. My encouragement to those who have lost babies to neonatal death is to embrace the ebb and flow of grief without minimizing the experience. I also charge loved ones of grievers to work toward a fuller understanding of how to best support those coping with a pregnancy loss. 


We are looking forward to the day when all things will be made new, and we will be reunited with our three babies whom we did not get to hold on this side of Heaven. We are also so grateful for the birth of our rainbow baby, Norah, in 2016.


Thank you so much for stopping by, and we are forever grateful for your support in sharing hope with others! 


With Hope,

Kathryn C. Johnson