A Hope Box is a box filled with resources to help families grieve pregnancy losses. Each personalized box is an excellent way to remember and honor the life of your baby or babies. If you are unsure of how to reach out to a loved one who has experienced a neonatal loss or would like help in coping with your grief, a Hope Box is a great way to start. Hope Boxes are $25 plus $8 shipping (if in the US). There is no charge for boxes to FBC Tulsa members, but we do ask that you cover shipping fees if you are not picking up the box.


The following items are included in each $25 Hope Box:


  • Kathe Wunnenberg’s devotional book “Grieving the Child I Never Knew”

  • Placement of Gideon’s New Testament in memory of your baby

  • Small plush lamb so each mom has something to hold

  • Christmas ornament with your baby’s name - a keepsake to use each year to remember your baby

  • Scripture card to provide hope and encouragement

  • List of songs to minister to you that are available for purchase on iTunes

  • Etsy Coupons: Discount for “hope” necklaces to purchase and wear in memory of your baby

  • Seed packet: Forget-me-nots to plant in memory of your baby


IMPORTANT: To order a Hope Box, please complete both the submission form and the PayPal Payment. If local pickup (Tulsa, OK), no shipping needed.

Singleton Boxes are $25 plus $8 shipping (US only).

Twin Boxes are $35 plus $8 shipping (US only), which includes an extra lamb, ornament, and NT donation.

Please contact us at info@hannahshope.us for international shipping rates.